The on-demand economy has opened new doors for spa and salon businesses in India to explore and capitalize on the growing demand of customers for an all-around experience. Since there were few aggregators earlier that connected salon services to end customers online, salon booking apps are experiencing a huge spike in use.

Since the online business model is designed considering important factors like convenience, reasonable price, and good quality of service, salon businesses have been able to add value to their existing offerings. The adoption of technology helped salon businesses to leverage these factors, which proved to be a win-win for both customers as well as salon owners.

Let’s look at some of the key areas of improvement that makes salon booking apps a huge hit in India-


One of the top reasons for the success of a salon app is its 24*7 availability. da Salon estimates that nearly three million users are already a part of the technology adoption cycle in India due to the convenience it offers.

The salon booking app helps businesses in scheduling appointments and allocating resources by streamlining their booking process. It also reduces the frequency of missed or overlapping appointments and at the same time prevents any idle time for the staff. The app monetizes, not only the scheduling of customers but also the staff providing tighter control on resource management.

Inventory and workload management

A salon app provides visibility on the inventory and helps to plan for resources. It also helps with managing upcoming appointments with the right product, personnel, and service elements. Thus, the possibility of a missed opportunity due to the lack of product availability is eliminated with a salon booking app. Not only that, but a salon business can also manage the workload according to time-consumption based on the service requirement and free workers for other activities.

Targeted marketing and higher revenue

Salon booking apps enable to target the needs of a customer with well-defined categories making it easier to find the relevant service. This improves the overall experience of a customer and the opportunity can be used to pique their interest in new offerings. This helps to convert a first-time customer into a recurring business prospect and improve the revenue of a salon business.

A salon app supports the creation of customized loyalty programs for marketing campaigns to improve customer engagement while providing incentives like discounts and offers for new clients at the same time.


Scaling a salon business depends on attractive options that improve their market presence. Adding new categories to their services, selling wellness products online, improving their reach both physically and digitally, providing at-home services, exclusive offline wellness services, subscription avenues, etc. are some of the areas where a salon app can help a business to widen its business activity and create a more stable revenue stream.

To conclude, the salon business is vastly different from what it used to be a decade ago. Today, technology adoption has proven to be a game-changer for churning out big profits for the spa and salon business. With such perks and benefits, it is not a surprise that the salon booking app is quite the popular choice of new-age entrepreneurs and consumers alike.