The desire to look and feel good is what has made the beauty business a thriving business model.

When that is coupled with technology, it completely changes the way a consumer interacts with beauty businesses.

Today, most of the salons are well-organized and offer a faster  and better access to their services.  

With the pandemic redefining the entire business landscape, the on-demand business model emerged stronger for salon owners. Identifying key customers, developing strong value-proposition for a business, and devising a call-to-action are some of the essential elements of an on-demand business.

To achieve such a synergy, integration of services digitally into a platform (or an app) is vital. In other words, an app that provides services on demand, irrespective of time and place is a great value-add to a salon business.

There are some key attributes of these kind of on-demand business models:

Better Inventory Management

A well-organized inventory is vital for the smooth functioning of any business. With a fair idea of bookings in advance, salon owners can manage their inventories better. It also reduces wastage and provides effective control and visibility of the available stock.

Efficient Staff Allocation

Since the salon has a snapshot of the kind of services that they will be expected to provide over the next couple of days or weeks with the help of the app, it allows for an efficient allocation of staff. One automatically knows what stock they will need and it gives them the time to replenish supplies.

An opportunity to showcase services 

Modern salons for instance are no more just restricted to coloring or cutting hair. Their services are a lot more diverse now to include services like scalp treatment, head massages, laser hair removal, and so on. In a model with an integrated app, there’s a better opportunity to showcase a photo gallery with all the available services, and hence, is one of the ideal approaches to advertising the salon. There is also a lot of transparency in terms of services offered and prices, which always helps from a customer’s perspective.

Better customer engagement

Using an on-demand business model ensures customer engagement through discounts, offers, and seasonal deals to promote their business as well as increase revenue. This also reduces the cost of traditional marketing as the business model often relies on a digital platform to promote a salon business. 

Salon owners can also make use of referral programs by introducing incentives against every new customer referred.

Customer data helps in better marketing

These apps allow the business to collect important Customer data. Salon owners are easily able to stay in touch with an existing customer because of the data that the app would have collected when the customer made an initial booking through the app. This helps in designing remarketing campaigns or promotional schemes.

In a nutshell, it truly does not make a difference anymore how big or small your business is or what business you have, a business model with attractive features is a robust tool – something your customers will love.