What differentiates a good salon experience from a bad one? For most clients, the first thing that comes to mind is salon cleanliness. While you probably understand the importance of cleanliness, it can be a tedious task to maintain amid seeing clients, managing employees, and other day-to-day chores of running your business. Salons usually are not inclined towards slowing down the business to clean up before their next client, but the fact remains that the sheer number of clients that come and go on a standard day can pose a risk to both clients and staff. Today Infection Control in salons has become a necessity due to the outbreak of a variety of infections. Here are a few steps to help you keep a clean and healthy salon-

STEP 1: Do your research

The first step towards maintaining a clean and healthy salon is to do your research. Understanding the government jurisdiction guidelines and resources available for facilities like yours and ensuring the products used for cleaning are effective against Covid-19 is of utmost importance. Learning the difference between cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and sterilization and implementing all these procedures effectively in your day to day business activities is vital for the survival of your salon in today’s scenario.

STEP 2: Make a cleaning plan and bring it into practice

Maintaining a clean workplace has always been critical for business, but now with the reopening of salons, extra precautions need to be exercised. While formulating a plan, keep in mind that your new cleaning protocols progressing into the “new normal,” will not just be a short-term solution for reopening rather, will become a way of working. Steps to follow –

  • Create a list of items that need cleaning and disinfecting after every use.
  • Assign different products with a proper cleaning procedure based on their nature.
  • Allot cleaning responsibilities to staff members. Create a cleaning schedule for staff members to enforce effective cleaning.
  • Remove items or unnecessary processes that may carry the risk of contamination.

STEP 3: Stocking up cleaning supplies

Securing an adequate amount of cleaning supply before reopening is a sensible move to make. A solution to lack of cleaning supplies is to use alternative disinfectants (1/3 cup bleach added to 1-gallon water) until you can get an adequate supply. Supplies your clients may need should be taken into consideration and should be well-stocked for example, if your clients wish to wash their hands before each service, you must have an adequate supply of hand soap and hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) readily available. Stock up on gloves for your staff to use while working. You may also want to invest in no-touch garbage cans, water dispenser, etc.

STEP 4: Train your staff

With your plan of action ready, the next step is its correct execution. It is vital to train your staff to perform the cleaning/disinfecting protocols with caution. Performing a dry run for your cleaning procedures to determine the time required for cleaning between services and accordingly making necessary adjustment is advisable. Arrangements for employee safety should be addressed. Remember your business can only be as robust as its employees, thus meeting the needs of your employees is an indispensable business requirement.

  STEP 5: Communicate with your clients

Acquaint your clients with your new cleaning protocols that deem fit in current scenario. Outline and communicate the steps you will be taking to clean and disinfect your facility to your clients with the help of E-mails, Newsletters and Social media platforms. Help your clients gain faith in your services and win over their hearts.

Follow these simple steps and get your business flourishing. In the new normal, we’ll see salons, and wellness businesses market their cleaning efforts to consumers. Make sure your business stands out and welcomes clients—new and old—into a sparkling space that keeps them safe and gorgeous. Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness!