Winter is here and the dryness in the weather has already seeped if.

This also means your scalp and hair are going to experience irritation, itchiness, and loads of other problems. Hair fall split ends, hair breakage, etc. are some of the worst cases during this season as the lack of moisture can make it rough, flaky, and unmanageable.

da Salon brings you 10 ways to beat the winter blues and maintain a healthy mane without spending much time, energy, or money.

  • Invest in a moisturizing mask

A deep conditioning mask that moisturizes your hair is what you need this winter season. There are good hair moisturizers in the market but if you are a stickler for natural products then using natural ingredients like bananas, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. as hair masks can help retain moisture in your hair and scalp.

  • Steam your hair

Steam is a wonder element that increases the absorption of healthy ingredients into your hair. After a moisturizing routine, apply steam to your hair. Maintain a good distance to avoid burning your scalp. Steam helps your hair to look shiny, thoroughly moisturized, and manageable.

  • Avoid heat styling

Reduce the frequency of blow-drying your hair and minimize the use of heat styling if you can. Applying direct heat to your tresses draws out their moisture causing severe irreversible damage leaving them rough. Letting your hair dry naturally is one way to retain hair moisture.

  • Use a gentle cleanser

Shampooing your hair is good but in winter, it can increase dryness. To minimize this, use a gentle cleanser or a mild shampoo and reduce the frequency of shampoo use. Apply a leave-in conditioner after shampooing to maintain your hair.

  • Evening showers

If you are working then, having dry hair in the morning would surely require blow-drying along with the application of numerous hair products. An alternative to this is evening showers when you do not have to worry about wet hair; a warm bath and towel dry in enough. You can use a shower cap or towel to wrap your hair to retain moisture and later air-dry them. Also, evening showers remove all the dust, grime, and hair products that you apply during the day making your daily routine more effective.

  • Static hair protection

If you wear a hoodie or scarf over dry hair, then this annoying thing called static hair appears out of nowhere. People usually receive mild jolts when they try to brush uneven hair after they remove their sweaters and hoodies. In such cases, use a vented brush with a combination of plastic and boar bristles to keep static at bay. Alternatives also include applying a conditioner to prevent static and using anti-frizz wipes.

  • Conditioners

Isn’t moisturizing the same as conditioning? An easier way to understand is, although they are similar, a conditioner is supplementary to moisturizing. Simply put, a conditioner is a product that improves the condition of your hair.

This does not mean applying conditioner will reduce dryness; applying a conditioner after a moisturizing routine or baths retain moisture to the maximum. However, it is recommended to wash your hair at the end of the day to remove any conditioner with a gentle cleanser to avoid product build-up, especially if you use a leave-in conditioner.

Use thick, creamy conditioners with natural oils of Shea butter, coconut, jojoba, olive, for deep nourishment and hydration.

  • Oil your hair

Applying oil to your hair may sound greasy to many, especially if you have curly or frizzy hair. However, oil from coconut, olive, almond, jojoba, etc. can improve the natural growth of hair along with an increase in luster. A way to improve the effects of oil is to heat it mildly to aid higher absorption and taking a warm bath after a good scalp massage.

  • Avoid hot showers

Hot showers can force away all the natural oils and moisture in your hair making it dry. It also increases scalp flakiness and dryness. Instead, use warm water streams and end it with a stream of cold water to seal the hair cuticles to retain moisture.

  • Use microfiber towels

Cotton towels are good but they can be dry on your hair. Using a microfiber towel instead is a smooth alternative and can absorb more water from your hair after a bath. They also have less friction, reduces frizz, tangles, and roughness while using them on hair.

  • Use hair protective wear while going out

Avoid stepping out with wet hair in the winter. The cold temperature expands the hair shafts, which makes them prone to breakage easily. To avoid any cold stresses in the cold, dry, and windy environment, apply oil spray on dry hair, use a silk or satin scarf, hat, or stylish beanie cap. Avoid cotton and woolen material to prevent static in your hair.

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