Stylists have numerous hacks up their sleeves that give their clients the ultimate glorious looks. In this article, we bring to you, some of these brilliant hacks straight from the stylists look-book to help you keep your hair in its best shape. We asked stylists to share with us, their best-kept secrets and shortcuts to solving common hair dilemmas. After all, everyone deserves a good hair day! Whether you’re trying to tame your frizzy hair or remove those nasty dye stain we’ve got you covered.

  • Cut Dye Irritation with Artificial Sweeteners

Hair dyes have chemicals like ammonia in them that often cause irritation and itchy scalp. Adding a few packets of artificial softeners to the colour mix helps prevent such problems. The pH levels of the sugar substitute help offset or lessen ammonia’s uncomfy side effect.

  • Hidden ponytails help keep sleek styles in place 

A low-maintenance hairstyle best suited for office and travel that looks super chic and polished. When creating a tucked-behind-the-ear look pull the front section of your hair tight and anchor in a low pony behind the nape of the neck from the sides. The pony will hide behind the rest of your hair resting on top of it, and your tuck will stay in place all day.

  • Espresso colours hair 

A shot of espresso gives you much more than just an energy boost. When the hair goal is a deep chocolate hue, espressos are often a go-to. Many hairstylists add this strong drink to the colour mix to achieve that perfect chocolate colour.

  • Use a lip balm and prevent dye stain 

No one wants to deal with a coloured ring around the hairline. These nasty dye stains now have an easy solution to them. Coat the surrounding skin using a stick of lip balm before colouring hair and say bye to dye stain. The waxy balm acts as a colour proof barrier and is beneficial for not only your pout but also your strands.

  • SPF taming frizz 

Fancy a slicked-back style on a summer day? Use a dash of a creamy sunscreen on your hair and get that sleek look. The thick lotion tames frizz and gives your strands and scalp some protection against UVA and UVB rays. Use sun block to protect your head and ace that sleek look round the clock!

  • Bye-bye grey roots

Did you know your eye shadows have more applications than just colouring your lids or brows? Well, you can dust a pinch of eye shadow on your scalp and cover those silvery roots black. Free yourself from the hassle of last-minute hair colour to complete the look make use of some eye shadow and be ready to leave everyone shook!

  • Securing bobby pins

The biggest problem that comes with hair accessories is keeping them intact. Pins and clips always seem to slide down ruining the entire look. A simple trick that solves this problem with ease is to coat the bobby pins with some dry shampoo before popping them in the client’s hair. The powdery coating gives the pins more grip and prevents slip out of even the finest strands.

Make your job effective and efficient with these hacks. Give your clients the looks they want effortlessly and make them fall in love with your services. These hacks will help you save time and money. Keep your customers happy and keep them coming.