Summer is here and climate change not only asks for a wardrobe change but also a change in your skincare routine! The summer in India is highly humid and naturally, the UV levels also go up significantly. Therefore it necessary to devise your skincare routine with the right products to keep your skin healthy and free from clogged pores. 

Follow the tips given here diligently, to remain fresh throughout summer and prevent any skin damages due to the climate changes. Also, use our salon scheduling app for planning your monthly beauty appointments at your favorite salon at amazing prices.

Take daily showers 

Bathe daily, preferably with lukewarm water to remove sweat, dead skin cells, and makeup. Showers keep your skin surface free from toxin buildup; use talcum powder afterward to keep your skin dry.


Drink lots of water this summer to keep yourself hydrated for supple skin and overall health. Consuming at least 3-4 liters of water daily will keep your skin glowing and remove toxins from accumulating under the skin thus reducing acne breakouts. 

Ditch your winter makeup 

Winter makeup is usually heavy and designed to keep dryness from the environment at bay. Heavy makeup looks greasy in a humid climate and it dims your glow. Instead, use some fruity and light-coloured makeup with good SPF value. The goal is to keep your skin breathable and heavy makeup is a big No-No for that. Also do not miss to register with our salon booking app to get Rs. 500 wallet balance as a joining bonus.

Creamy cleanser and light lotion 

Use a cleanser that produces a lot of foam, like glycolic acid gel. It is lightweight and clears your skin quickly, leaving it light and free from oil, leftover sunscreen, dirt, and sweat. Then use a lighter oil-free lotion to keep your skin soft. 


Skin can become scaly during the climate-transition period from winter to the summer. To get rid of scaly skin, use a grainy scrub to improve blood flow in the affected areas. Be gentle and use a circular motion while exfoliating to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. This method also prepares your skin to be more receptive to moisturizer. Do not forget to use our salon appointment booking app to find the salon with the best reviews in your vicinity even while travelling for amazing deals and a wonderful experience.

High SPF sunscreen

Do not skip your sunscreen while stepping out. A high SPF sunscreen (preferably above SPF30) is best to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Use headgear like a hat or cap to cover your hair and wrap your neck with a scarf to prevent sunburns or hyperpigmentation.

There you go – A few tips to make your summer skincare easy. Also, download our salon appointment app today to plan your spa routine. Stay tuned with our blog articles, and tips to look beautiful on skin and hair care today. Take care! Cheers!