Getting ready for the Big Day?

Heartiest Congratulations from da Salon! We wish that you have the most wonderful moment of your life and may your life be blessed with happiness and all the goodness that life has to offer.

Since we are talking about weddings, have you booked your appointment with your hairstylist yet?

Most brides-to-be do not get their hairstylist appointment before a month of their wedding. We understand that amongst the heaps of items to plan, your full-time job, and an endless list of shopping items, styling your hair may be the last thing on your mind. However, pushing this part of your prep on to the back burner may result in chaos at the last moment. 

You do not want to look your best on your wedding day; you MUST look FABULOUS, FLAWLESS, and TIMELESS. You are going to enter a new phase and role in your life; this moment marks everything and therefore here are some ways to plan your hairstyle for D-day with peace of mind.

Choosing the right hairstylist – HOW?

There may be numerous salons or hairstylists who can do your hair, no doubt. But you need someone who has experience with marriage planning and bridal hairstyling. Look for a hairstylist that has a strong and consistent bridal portfolio. Do not select quickly, rather shop around a bit.

Get at least three different quotes from three different hair stylists and ask them about their availability during your wedding date. During wedding seasons, a hairstylist is often busy with numerous appointments and therefore you need to ensure that you have ample time for them to attend you. For this you need to book them, ideally six months to a year in advance, if your wedding permits such a time frame. The minimum is at least three months, but you might be pushing it too far.

Once you receive a satisfactory quote and availability of your desired stylist, book an appointment with them and visit for a face-to-face chat. Assess their confidence and ask for their portfolio to discuss the type of hairstyle that will suit you depending on your dress, bridesmaids, the overall setting, and other important elements.  

Bridal hairstyling requires great attention to detail as it involves creative handiwork. Therefore you need to choose someone who has the right abilities in hair styling as well as shares the passion to understand the type of hair you want and the way you want to look.

Lastly, do not leave out your bridesmaids’ hairstyle in the planning phase. Make sure you involve the hairstylist and bridesmaids as they are all part of your wedding. You need to arrive at a common ground if the entire D-day landscape needs to look picturesque. This way there will be no ground left for any unplanned surprises. It also ensures that you are at the centre stage without anyone stealing the limelight.

A bit of advice – It is advisable to hire or ask for a separate makeup person and a hairstylist because it will divide the work and ensure there is ample time to look for all the minor details. 

Consultation and Trials

The ideal time for consultation is at least two months prior to your wedding date. This is to ensure an in-depth consultation about the style, type of products, and other important elements involved. It is important for you to know how your hair stylist plans to work on your hair and how it matches your expectations. This is the time to chime in your special requests and ask how it can be a part of your look. Your hairstylist must be able to articulate the process and suggest changes or tips to improve the overall look depending on your face shape, hair texture, etc.

A word of caution: An experienced hairstylist will offer advice that may sound against your wishes but it may be because they might know “that” particular detail or addition can mar your look in some way. However, the only way to confirm it is by asking for the next step – a trial.

This is where you create the idea first-hand and style yourself in the way you want to look on your wedding day. Bring along your dress, if possible, and make adjustments if any.

If you are still not sure which hairstylist will do the trick for you, open your da Salon app on your mobile phones and see the reviews for the hair dressers around you. The app provides real-time customer reviews of all salons. This should make your decision to choose an apt salon a lot easier.

Wedding day preps

Ensure you make a timetable for you and your bridesmaid on your wedding day and pass it to everyone so that the hairstylist can have enough time to work through everyone to avoid last-minute panic runs. 

Ideally, your hairdresser will have only the “action” part of the plan to be done on your D-day; the rest of the preps will be done already. This would make the session enjoyable and take away all notions of the work being a task so you enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the rest of the day and life starting that day onward.

Cheers for your wedding day and consider us in spirit for your D-day. We will be cheering from the sidelines for you. Enjoy!