1. Right Targeting – One of the most common mistake Salon Managers make while marketing their salon and spa business is of targeting the wrong clients. All the effort, time and money spent in targeting will only be productive if it is for the right kind of clientele. Your perfect client is not anyone who walks through your salon doors prepared to pay you money. Instead, it is someone who understands the services you provide and appreciates them, someone who lives near your salon and is a regular user of your services. Such clients not only become your loyal customers but will also spread the word about your services.
  2. Have your website– Your website is the face of your business. Your potential clients will only come to you after going through your website. Ensuring your website gives your potential clients accurate information about your business and its services is a must. Your website needs to be attractive and impressive to see, a passive looking website will only discourage clients from trying your services. Throughout your website include calls to action to encourage people to choose you. ‘Call now’, ‘phone xxxx to book’ ‘book online here’ are all helpful calls to action to persuade new clients to book your service. Your website’s primary role is to convince prospects to pick up the phone and book that all-important first hair or beauty appointment. Make sure your website speaks volumes about your service and its quality. 
  3. Create an impressive Social Media presence – Create your business profile on several social media platform and gain the attention of all your old, new and potential customers. Social media is one such platform where you get detailed stats on what is working to attract new followers. You can advertise on your business account and reach out to a brand-new audience with the right content, and it makes it easy for your potential new clients to contact you. Use your social media accounts to engage with people and try to create a buzz around your business. Post strong visuals that help people get acquainted with you and your services.
  4. Get found on Google – It is highly critical for your business to be seen on Google by your potential clients because if it is not you, it is your competitors they are interacting with. You need to invest in a good SEO team and gain your business a place in the top searches by using the right keywords. Stats show that 33% of us click on the first search result shown by Google. Just 18% visit the second result. And the traffic only reduces from there, thus having a strong presence on Google is what your business needs to gain more clients.
  5. Introduce exciting membership offers and discounts–  People prefer buying things on sale, discounts serve as a ploy to attract more people to your store. Tempt people into trying your services by introducing exciting new offers and discounts to them. Offers valid for a limited time should be advertised accurately. People tend to rush in and look around for products and services they can avail if they know it is valid for a few days only. Offering discounts and membership plans is a sure shot way to attract new customers and turn them into loyal ones as they induce repeat purchase behaviour. Discounts not only attract customers but also help increase sales across the board and help meet set targets.
  6. Pay attention to your reviews– With several authentic and unauthentic businesses opening online, people find it hard to trust online marketing and rely heavily upon the reviews a business or service receives even if they are from 3rd parties they don’t know. According to stats 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including a massive 95% of people aged 18-34) and 57% of consumers will only engage with a business if it has 4 or more stars. One of the biggest questions in the minds of your potential new clients is “Can I trust them not to mess up?”. Reviews act as social proof for your service quality. Ensure you get good reviews and feedback from your clients.
  7. Ask for recommendations to family and friends – A study shows clients are twice as likely to try a new treatment if recommended by friends or family members, rather than their beauty therapist. Asking for recommendations from your clients is a must to increase your salon network, and they work well as a medium of marketing your salon. Harness the power of word of mouth marketing by introducing attractive referral schemes that benefit both you and your clients. 

Try to incorporate these simple yet effective steps in your business and see the change in that client footfall outside your salon. Make your business shine!