Does your skincare routine feel like a chore? Do you always dread that having healthy skin means having an extensive skincare routine with long hours to spare!! Then read on – this blog is just for you.

Skincare routine need not be extensive all the time. Instead, you can have a simple routine with as little as 5 products and, can still look fresh with healthy skin. Here are the top 5 essential products you need. Register on our salon booking app – da Salon to know more.

Gentle Cleanser

A cleanser removes makeup, dirt and pollution build up on your face. Having a cleanser in your purse ensures you can keep any gunk build-up on your face to the minimum daily. Look for gentle cleansers that are sulphate-free with pH balanced ingredients. Remember, cleansing is the most vital step when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Experts claim cleaning your face before bed can help to repair skin at night.


A toner restores the pH levels of your skin. This in turn keeps the skin healthy along with the removal of grime that cleansing fails to clear. It also shrinks pores, removes excess oil, and acts as an additional protective layer for the skin. Acne-prone skin can benefit from a toner since it prevents oil build-up. Toner may also contain humectants (skincare ingredients that attract moisture) and can act as a moisturiser.


A moisturiser is one of the key ingredients to beautiful and glowing skin. There are natural and synthetic moisturisers, the former being aloe vera, for instance. Synthetic moisturisers may contain alcohol and fragrances and are lightweight, quick to dry without leaving a greasy layer. However, it is not recommended for extremely dry skin. Often a moisturising cream is a solution, and you can carry it in your bag too. Apply moisturiser at least twice a day for good results.

Facial Sunscreen/ complexion correction cream

Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV sunlight. Choose a product that has a high SPF (SPF 30 or higher) for daily use. Facial sunscreen or CC cream can prevent skin aging, wrinkling, and discoloration of your face.

Lip balm

Chapped lips are a big NO-NO in any season. Using a lip balm will protect your lips and prevent any moisture loss. Applying it during the night is one way to ensure supple lips in the morning. Also, lip balms come in light colours and gorgeous tinges, which makes your lips look luscious and gorgeous when you go out.

There you have it – 5 essential skincare products that you can carry in your purse. Add a face mist as a bonus to keep your skin fresh.

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