Opening a new salon is not a simple job. It takes a lot of time, effort, and planning to open an enterprise that becomes a trustworthy brand in the memory of people, especially if you are from the salon business. Here are the top 5 marketing tactics that you can employ before opening your salon shop –

Register with da Salon

This must be your first step. Period.

da Salon is an online salon aggregator and helps spa and salons to streamline their business activities. The Instant Salon Booking App is the best way to save time, energy, and money as da Salon helps to position your salon business according to your geographical location. Not only that, but the da Salon beauty appointment app automatically updates your services on the users’ device. In this way, everyone associated with da Salon gets to know about new arrivals – be it services, products, or new salon establishments. Lastly, da Salon optimizes the daily business activities for a salon owner and manages inventory, appointments, and staff according to skillset and availability in a seamless manner.

Create a strong online presence

Start promoting your salon business online, a couple of months in advance before your go-live. Capitalize on Instagram and Facebook posts. Creating your webpage often bolters your brand value and creates anticipation among new consumers. You can announce free or discounted rates on your launch day/week to ensure a good customer reception and create subscription plans to ensure customer following with some add-on services to boost sales.

Publish your own blogs

Creating a webpage is easy but maintaining its search ranking is difficult. Publishing good SEO blogs are a way to keep your webpage at a high ranking to maintain a consistent online presence. Apart from blogs, post on Instagram to promote the skillset of your salon staff. This creates customer engagement and maintains an interest in your business.

Provide referral discounts

This is a great way of advertising yourself using the salon scheduling app. Think of spending a small part of your marketing budget to maintain a good rapport with an existing customer while gaining a new one. Once your business flourishes, give referral discounts to your regular customers if you gain a new customer through their referral. Cement the relationship with complimentary emails like – “Thank you for your referral. Here is a discount for Rs. 100 on your next appointment.” Such a step will ensure a full-packed salon on your launch date and create an interesting relationship apart from the regular marketing and loyalty programs adopted by a salon.

 Ensure Consistent Salon Branding with Geotargeted marketing

Geotargeting uses the location data of customers to reach out and message them depending on their locality and salon needs. Using the da Salon appointment app is the best way to target your customers, but you can also launch loyalty programs and ad campaigns to maintain your brand visibility to intrigue customers before you launch.

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