The work of a good hairstylist speaks volumes… No pun intended.

However, there are tons of ads about the salons that offer the ‘best’ services, discounts, offers, and a lot more complimentary stuff. But does that mean it is “the one” for you?

da Salon is here to help you choose the right salon based on 4 key facts for your hair and skincare needs.

Mingle to know

You can search the internet and come up with loads of confusing information and get more confused while picking a salon for the first time.

And, NO … Your hair and skin are too precious to be subject to any treatments, no matter how popular the current trend is.

The easiest way to know about a salon is through the grapevine. Contrary to the popular belief, it is easy to find the best salon and their services from your peers and admirers when you socialize. If you are not into regular gossip, then just approach and vocally admire a beautiful woman in your group who takes pride in her salon visits. They would be happy to reveal all about their favorite hairdresser and services. It’s not a cheap trick but rather a productive one.

But don’t just take their word for it. Shop a bit online and look for the salon’s dedicated social media page to see their expertise, aesthetics, trends, and offers. Look for testimonials and contact the users to get an account of their experience first-hand if you see yourself leaning towards an establishment of your choice. 

Sift through and choose wisely

This is the most important part that will matter when it comes to choosing a salon or trying out a new style. Do not get tempted by offers or discounts from your salon just because it is a ‘season’ of free perks.

Be patient, pay attention to the signal, and drown out the noise.

What this translates to – you must to know what you need to do exactly that will go well with your special dress, or for your wedding or for your friend’s birthday. The salon you choose must understand your needs clearly and not oversell you on their offerings. That is not the sign of a good salon. And it is not necessary that you choose one salon for all your needs; it sounds convenient but the primary focus must be on what you need vs. what your salon offers to meet that requirement. 


Make it a habit to chart out the ‘spend’ on your hair and skincare routine beforehand. Spending tons of money on hair products and frequent salon visits do not complement a healthy routine. Instead, think of your money spent as an investment for healthy hair and skin and pick only those aspects to be a part of your regular routine.

At da Salon, we usually come across people who are willing to shell out huge amounts but unsure of the type of treatment, style, or procedures they need. Here is where a good consultation comes in the picture – an area where a salon can win you over with their work and ethics and also for you to fix a budget. From a thorough consultation, you can assess what kind of service they offer, the budget for it, the time, and daily follow-up routines. All this information will make all your planning easier and help achieve the best service possible.

Choose a salon(s) near you

Look for a salon near you, preferably the one that covers all your needs under one roof. Let’s face it; if you get all your preps done at a single place, wouldn’t it be easy! 

And if you opt for more than one salon, then make sure it is nearby, at the very least. Imagine getting ready and coming home with all the dirt and grime from traveling; counterproductive and self-defeating isn’t it? 

A bonus before we conclude

You deserve the best and therefore always choose the best professional at a salon. Be straightforward in your requests and always ask what’s new! Look for hygiene and order. 

Next, see how prompt they are to meet your requests and also how often they follow-up with you. Forming a friendship with your hairstylist always helps you put out questions that may be just doubts in your mind. Plus you get a load of free advice on different products, daily routines, and other concerned areas.

There you have it. Hope these tips prove useful in picking up the best salon for your needs. Also never stop trying a new look, products, and procedures but make sure you stay informed from the start. A place that can answer all this with ease is a wink from the universe for your skin and hair needs. 

Stay tuned for more news. Until next time, Ciao!