You may choose to modify your appearance and choose hair color at some time in your life. Even those who have made up their minds to dye their hair have trouble figuring out how to do it. If you are looking for the best hair coloring salon, you may visit the da Salon app. The best hair coloring salon will not only provide you with top service but can also answer your question about the best keratin treatment near me.
Let us take a look at the ten things you need to know about hair coloring:

1. Semi-permanent hair color has bigger molecules than permanent hair color and fades out over time, reverting to your natural color.

2. Permanent hair color, on the other hand, lasts a lifetime and does not fade, however, the color may seem duller with time. The reason for this is that permanent hair color uses ammonia to open the cuticle, allowing the old color to be lifted out and the new color to be deposited. You will also have regrowth, which will necessitate regular hair dyeing every 4 to 6 weeks.

3. If you want to go lighter, do yourself and your hair a favor and start little. While base color can lighten your hair by one to two shades, experts advise going even slower.

4. The professionals recommend going half a shade lighter every time you color your hair to avoid damage and breakage and to achieve the most even, natural-looking finish.

5. If you enjoy how you appear in gold, you probably have a warm skin tone that looks well in chocolate brown and platinum hues. Try a rich golden brown, warm red, or blonde if silver is more appealing on your skin and you have a cold complexion.

6. While bright, pop-arty colors like red, copper, and violet are eye-catching, they fade faster than hues that produce a more subtle shift. Go ahead and do that if you’re okay with the increased upkeep.

7. If you want something low-maintenance, go with a neutral hue that will add luster and depth to your present color without making a big change.

8. If your hair is already colored, inform your colorist so that he may adjust the mixture to get the desired outcome. It doesn’t matter if your hair was colored lately or a long time ago, if you already have color on it, it will affect the outcome of the new color.

9. You should use a semi-permanent hair color if you wish to add some depth or brightness to your hair.

10. If you want to hide your silver sparkles, go for a lighter hue (like a blonde) since they start to seem like tiny slivers of light inside your strands.

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