Looking for premium salon in Delhi? Here is the list of top 10 salons in Delhi that you must visit to experience modern-day hair and skincare.

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Beauty Lounge Unisex Salon – A highly-sought out centre for your beauty needs, Beauty Lounge Unisex Salon offers personalised styling and beauty care. Some of their highlights include Manicure, Pedicure, Threading, Waxing & Hair Removal, Facial, Hair Curling, Face Pack, Bleach, Tanning, Clean Up, Blow Dry, Hair Extension, Hair Wash, Hair Styling, Beard Styling, Shave, Hair Colouring, Hair Conditioning, Hair Cut, Hair Straightening, etc. at amazing, affordable prices. The staff is cordial, well-versed in the latest trends, and courteous. Beauty Lounge Unisex Salon ensures that you get an enjoyable service experience while getting pampered to the fullest.

Coiffures Salon– Welcome to the world of modern hairdos and professional care at Coiffures Salon.  If the fashionista in you needs pampering, then Coiffures Salon provides you with the VIP treatment you always desire to receive. The quintessential luxury treatment for your hair and skin, Coiffures Salon is a place where you come to get that ultimate salon experience. With private salon rooms, this is where you get to have the place for yourself while the expert transforms your look into a new personality.

Dames & Dudes Unisex salon– It is no secret how your appearance can accentuate your overall personality. Although grooming can help you find your daily look, achieving a flawless and impeccable look needs the touch of professional expertise and high-quality products. Dames & Dudes Unisex Salon provides professional services for your looks and health designed by trained specialists.

Hair Mist Luxury Salon – Do you want to get a routine or wedding makeup? Then Hair Mist’s stylists would be available to work on your looks. Your appearance defines your personality and helps you establish your individuality among your friends and peers as a confident person. A touch of professional expertise from expert hairstylists can elevate your personality by making minor changes. To experience this change and bring about a profound change in your personality, visit Hair Mist Luxury salon. 

The trouble of daily hair care routine is familiar to many. Hair Mist Luxury salon offers many industry developed many techniques for achieving hair beauty and shine (like extension, keratin straightening, SPA hair care) along with dyeing options. You can also take care of your hair with different types of hair treatments, hair styling, haircuts, work on your nails with manicure and pedicure, skin care procedures and also look after your body via body hair removal here.

Infinity Unisex salon – The importance of timely hair and skincare for overall health cannot be emphasized enough. Infinity Unisex salon is one such place that pays attention to your skin and hair needs but with a twist. This salon is famous for their experts with in-depth knowledge of different hair treatments, conditioning, and other important aspects. Whoever felt that stylish hairdos can compromise the quality, strength, and overall health of your hair needs to visit this place. They utilize professional shears to remove unwanted volume from your hair and then put the final touches to your style.


Majesty Hair Beauty & Nails – Are you looking for a place to pamper your nails, shape them and give them a new look? If you are, then you need to enlist the services of Majesty Hair Beauty & Nails for your nails. They just don’t design your nails; they groom them to suit your personality. Apart from nails, if you want a look for your everyday workplace or if you are planning for your wedding Majesty Hair Beauty & Nails is without a doubt, the place you want to visit for that PERFECT image!

Paradise Makeover Unisex Salon – Do not let the name trick you into thinking that it’s a marketing gimmick. Well at Paradise Makeover unisex salon, it’s more than its name. It is a place where you go to get pampered, get a new look and walk out with confidence. Designed both for the gents and ladies, Paradise Makeover unisex salon is a place you would want to try at all costs for a stunning look. Do not forget to ask for their special hair treatments and expert styling opinions; they not only change the way you look but give you a new perspective about the way you can portray yourself on different occasions.

Phoenix Unisex Salon – If you are looking for a premium salon in and around New Delhi, then Phoenix Unisex salon is the place you would want to visit. They are known as a brand by themselves, but more importantly, they are famous for the professional hairstyling they offer, thanks to the L’Oréal Professional hairstylists they employ in-house for their clients. This place, unlike other places that exaggerate their service potentials, is most coveted by the young generation to look their best. From services ranging from pro-keratin treatments to new permanent hair colour or balayage, you will find all the professional products to achieve the best trendy haircuts and look for your hair at Phoenix Unisex salon, New Delhi.

Preeti & Pooja Makeovers – One of the most sought-after names in the Indian makeup scene, Preeti & Pooja Makeovers’ work has been deeply appreciated by clients. That is why Preeti & Pooja Makeovers has become a brand representing trust when it comes to bridal and party makeup. Preeti & Pooja Makeovers’ expertise extends from fabulous custom makeup to enchanting hairdos for your special day.

Que Belleza Unisex Salon– A skilled hairdresser’s occupation involves finesse and their capability of producing versatile and trendy haircuts. At Que Belleza unisex salon, parlour employees can help you choose a fancy hairdo that suits you and is easy to style. They employ modern methods of cutting and grooming to design a look that is more suited to your daily needs. Moreover, Que Belleza offers a choice of different services such as hairstyling, traditional braids, and a lot more. Que Belleza’s staff can work magic on your looks and transform you into the person that you always envision yourself to be!

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